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About us

Here at Leaf, not being passed round various members of staff to do different parts of the colour and hairstyle is one of the main reasons customers like visiting Leaf.

All stylists have a minimum 10 years experience.

- Katie Caisley

Leaf is a small but very unique quirky local upmarket salon. Our salon has been designed so it does not look like a typical hairdressing salon . We have filled it with lots of interesting items from all over the place, from the giant ornamental mirrors to the 6 feet tall wooden parrot from Jamaica. Large cherubs hang from the fabulous original coved ceiling, which is painted with gold leaf. Beautifully framed artwork adourn the walls which also feature faded mural paintings inspired by Michealangelo.

Leaf opened its doors in 1992. It started off with a ramshackle salon , a Dalmatian puppy and a couple of members of staff who were self employed and appeared to come and go as they pleased! Katie bought it in 1996 from the owner Alfie, having worked there for a year. The next few years were spent gradually doing the salon up, building up the clientele and making the staff employed and doing regular hours. And last but not least, getting rid of the resident puppy.

Our clients

We have lots of different types of clients here at Leaf who mainly come from the local area.

Our male clientele is very high and popular with men who do not want a quick short back and sides at the Barbers. The free beer on offer always goes down well!

Our products

We sell Aveda hair products , but we also have a range of GHD hair straighteners and Tangle teaser brushes. All hair cuts at Leaf begin with an in-depth consultation with your chosen stylist, followed by a relaxing shampoo with an optional conditioning massage.

Your hair will then be cut and finished with a fabulous blow dry, complemented by appropriate styling products. Your stylist will always be happy to chat about how to achieve a salon style look at home, and can give advice on suitable styling products.

Salon interior

Leaf prides itself on being different from most other salons. The decor has always been quirky. We have lots of rustic wood, murals on one of the walls and an amazing original ornate ceiling which is painted gold. Our most special features are the enormous gold mirrors in the salon, and the gorgeous chandeliers, which are adorned with small leaves.

In 2014 we installed a brand new oak floor in the salon . The old one had been sanded so many times it was on its last legs.We also had a new desk custom built from beams of wood .This was custom made locally by a firm in the Ouseburn valley called RASKL. We invested in some new art in 2013 and now have prints on the walls by Hush, Fin Dac and Mydogsighs . We had them framed in guilt frames to complement the mirrors.

The new sign outside was designed to look like the colour of Autumn leaves and was created using copper which was heated up for several hours to create the almost rusty mottled effect.

Our music is played on a Bang and Olufsen system which sounds great. It works like a duke box holding thousands of CDs so there is something for everyone. We also like our comfy sofas here at leaf ! All furniture here has to be something we would be happy to have in our own house.

So while you are waiting in reception ( or we are sitting down) You can relax on our lovely new Halo leather sofas. We have fresh flowers delivered weekly which are a real focal point. We often light Aveda ginger candles in reception to add to the general ambience .

We have a big pile of the latest magazines ,with plenty for men as well ,and both national geographic and the national geographic traveller for folk who prefer to read something more refined than the weekly celeb nonsense magazines! We have a box of children’s books for the small people to amuse themselves while the big people have their hair done.

Salon gallery

Meet the team

There is no hierarchy here and the salon prices are the same for everyone. You can be assured that all stylists are very experienced.

Our services

Dress down Fridays are everyday at Leaf!

We know that salons can feel intimidating when you first enter.

You know those salons in town where you walk in and all the staff are dressed to the nines and you immediately feel uncomfortable?

Not here! You can walk into Leaf however without feeling out of place, because the receptionist and the stylists are all dressed casually and laid back So feel free to come in dressed how you please.

One of the things that people have always commented on is how at ease they feel in the salon with the staff who never stand on ceremony and enjoy having a laugh .

We offer free consultations so please feel free to ring the salon and arrange a suitable time to come in so we can chat with you about your goals.

Price list

Cuts and Styling

Cut and finish £39.95
Wash and cut £31.50
Blow dry short £21.50
Blow dry long £26
Curls From £26
Child’s cut From £12


Cut & finish £26
Cut & colour £52

Semi permanent

Colour from £54 A shorter-lasting tint is applied to the full head in the colour of your choice. Semi permanent is a good first choice for colour change, and ranges from very subtle to highly vibrant, depending on your original base colour.


Full head foil £94 Highlights and/or lowlights are applied to the full head, ideal for a consistent colour throughout. A full head foil application is recommended every 2-3 visits, depending on the desired effect, and can be topped up in between with a half head foil service.
1/2 head foil £79 Highlights and/or lowlights are applied through the front and crown section of the head, leaving the underside of the hair natural to allow a darker base. This service is ideal for those wishing to keep a more natural look, or for maintaining a full head foil look without causing too large a product build up underneath.
Parting foil £66 Highlights are applied to the parting only. this service is ideal for a quick top up I between full or half head foils.
Tint & foil from £82 As a half head foil, but with tint applied to the roots in between the foil packets, providing excellent coverage for grey roots.
Tint roots £62.50 Tint is applied to the root area of the hair to provide grey coverage. If necessary, or on request, tint can be combed through to the ends of the hair to blend in any colour discrepancies.
Full head tint from £71 Price starting from £61 depending on the length of the hair
Full Head Bleach & Toner from £68 Bleach is applied to the full head to strip hair of natural or applied colour, followed by the application of a toner of your choice to achieve the desired colour. Please note, it is not possible to judge the length of a bleach process, as each individual’s hair lifts at a different rate, so if you are having a cut the same day, some waiting may be unavoidable.
Bleach regrowth & Toner from £72 Bleach is applied to the root regrowth to strip hair of natural colour, followed by the application of a toner of your choice to achieve the desired colour. Please note, it is not possible to judge the length of a bleach process, as each individual’s hair lifts at a different rate, so if you are having a cut the same day, some waiting may be unavoidable.
Ombre and Balayage from £84 We use a variety of techniques depending on the required look so it is impossible to give an exact quote without a consultation.
Fashion Colour Price: TBC Leaf loves creative colouring. Due to the variety of looks available, price is quoted on consultation depending on the complexity of the service. To avoid disappointment, if you intend to have your hair coloured with vibrant fashion colours, we ask that you pop in for a consultation at least a week before you would like your appointment, so we can be sure we have your desired colour(s) in stock. Price is negotiated on Consultation.

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Important information: All new clients will need a patch test at least 48 hours prior to having a permanent colour.

We serve a wide range of complimentary Refreshments:

  • We use Fairtrade Rombouts coffee and tea.
  • We also have a large selection of decaf , herbal and fruit infusions ,along with a variety of elderflower and lemongrass cordials.
  • We also have bottles of cold beer available in the evening!

Opening times

Sunday – Monday Closed
Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 10-8 Late Night Opening
Thursday 10-8 Late Night Opening
Friday 10-7 Late Night Opening
Saturday 9-5

Late night opening

We know that people want to come in the evenings or after work , so we are open late on 3 nights Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Our eco-credentials

In 2007 when we did a refit , we decided that we wanted to move towards becoming more environmentally aware and become as green as we could. We took the following steps.We made our main supplier AVEDA which means that most of the products we use are up to 97 % chemical free. These colours are much more gentle on the hair and scalp and can be used on people who tend to be allergic to other colours.We use AVEDA products when styling your hair too.

  • We retail the full range of AVEDA for you to take home with you.
  • We get our electricity from Ecotricity which is a green company who use renewable energy.
  • We recycle plastic bottles.
  • We use Ecover products for cleaning and washing up.
  • We use biodegradable one use towels on the majority of clients. This means we are no longer having to use the washing machine and tumble dryer for hours every day.
  • We serve Fairtrade tea and coffee in the salon.
  • We print all or stationary on recycled card.
  • All our light bulbs are energy saving.

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Student Discount

We offer a 10 % discount to full time students with a valid NUS card.

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